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    Ekspresowa wysyłka zakupów.

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How to order

  1. Click “Order parts”

  2. Search for an item you need. You can use one of the four search options:
    - Search by code
    - Search by make
    - Search by VIN (Instruction)
    - Top makes
    - Top categories
    For example: use “search by codes” option to find op525 filter.
    Wyszukiwanie po kodach

  3. Select the item you want from the search results and click “BUY NOW”
    produkt na liscie wyszukiwania

  4. Now enter the quantity of the items in the products page and again click “BUY NOW” .
    produkt na karcie towaru

  5. The shopping cart opens to show the content. Now you can decide whether you go back to continue shopping or go on to place your order. Once you click “Continue shopping” you return to the search results and in the top right corner you have the quantity and value of the cart displayed.

  6. If you are not registered, then, after clicking “Place order 1/3” two options are displayed:
    - Create account
    - Continue as guest
    When you choose “Continue as guest” , you get to a page with a number of fields to be filled in. Complete all relevant boxes and confirm that you agree to the regulations, then click “Continue”
    zakup jednorazowy

  7. Next, select your shipping and payment method. Once your information is completed, click “Place order 1/3”.

  8. The last page is “Order confirmation”. Make sure that all data is correct and click “Place order
Wszystkie nazwy handlowe, nazwy produktów, nazwy firm i ich loga użyte na naszych stronach należą do ich właścicieli i są używane wyłącznie w celach identyfikacyjnych. Mogą być one zastrzeżonymi znakami towarowymi. Wszystkie materiały, opisy i zdjęcia prezentowane na naszych stronach użyte są w celach informacyjnych.