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    Ekspresowa wysyłka zakupów.

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About us

F.H. MOTO-NET Andrzej Król trading company based in Kocmyrzów 112, 32-010 Kocmyrzów REGON: 120738069 NIP: 682-166-11-02 was established in 2008. We supply original car parts and aftermarket parts (original and non-original parts) for all car makes. Coming up to meet our Customer's expectations, we have launched a new online store.

We offer a wide choice of parts of many manufacturers, both of the highest quality and mid-range quality. These parts are supplied to a large group of individual Customers and to car workshops. Highly competitive prices and extra discounts are always available to our regular Customers.

Our experts provide professional and reliable advice on the appropriate selection of parts, which you can easily afford. To make an enquiry, contact us by email or by phone. In our online store, you can buy quality products fast and with no additional charges.

Why choose us?
• competitive prices
• top quality products
• manufacturer's warranty
• professional service
• 24h delivery

FREE delivery for all orders over 500 PLN.
Check our extensive product range.

Wszystkie nazwy handlowe, nazwy produktów, nazwy firm i ich loga użyte na naszych stronach należą do ich właścicieli i są używane wyłącznie w celach identyfikacyjnych. Mogą być one zastrzeżonymi znakami towarowymi. Wszystkie materiały, opisy i zdjęcia prezentowane na naszych stronach użyte są w celach informacyjnych.