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    Ekspresowa wysyłka zakupów.

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1. Prior to any purchase, carefully read information on the items of Your interest.

2. The amount due must be transferred to our company bank account after the purchase. Put your user name in the transfer description. Remember to add a delivery fee to the item purchased. The delivery charges are given in delivery/returns tab. When you purchase the goods and you choose “cash on delivery” option, We must be informed about it by email or by phone.

3. We always aim to dispatch the goods as fast as possible, usually the same day the payment is received. We will not be held responsible for any delays caused by the courier companies, however, if the package is not delivered within 2 days, We will take certain actions (we bring every order to an end).

4. Most goods can be collected personally and paid for on receipt after prior arrangements by phone.

5. A receipt is always attached to the purchased items, invoices are issued on request.

6. After the purchase, please send an email with complete vehicle data in order to verify your selection. Every purchase is carefully verified to avoid the returns related to incorrect selection of parts.

7. The cost of returning the goods will be paid by the Customer if the return is a result of the Customer’s error.

8. The goods must be returned with the original purchase document, in their original packaging, with no signs of use/installation.

9. The payment can only be refunded to the bank account number supplied by the Customer - please put a note with the amount and all necessary transfer details into the parcel.

10. The payment is refunded within 7 day from the day the goods are received by us.

11. The Customer can return the purchased products within 14 days (10 working days) from the date on the receipt/invoice.

12. The photos of products on our website are of demonstrative character only, the catalogue numbers of purchased parts or our internal markings are the most important.

13. Some product descriptions are rather general, so in the case of questions the Customer can always contact us for assistance.

14. In some exceptional cases we reserve the right to extend the delivery time, about which the Buyer is always informed earlier by phone or email.

15. 24H delivery concerns items purchased by 1 p.m., with either “Cash on Delivery” option or payment already made, in the event of a standard bank transfer, a PDF confirmation must be sent by email. Every order that is to be dispatched on the same day should be confirmed by email or by phone. Please contact us beforehand for confirmation.

16. Items purchased on holidays and Saturdays are dispatched on the next working day following the holiday.

17. By placing an order in MOTONET online store, the Customer accepts the provisions of these Regulations.

18. For issues not settled in the above mentioned Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code apply.

19.2. Personal data supplied by the Customer during registration will be collected and processed solely for the purpose of order processing in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (unified text – Journal of Laws of July 6, 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended) and will not be shared with any other external entities. According to this Act, the Customers have the right of access to data which has been collected, to demand the data to be updated or permanently erased. By entering the personal data in the registration form and submitting it, the Customer gives consent to collection and processing of the data. This consent can be withdrawn at any time by sending an email with such a request. Lack of consent to the processing of personal data prevents order processing. The Customer will be held liable for providing false personal data.


All goods purchased in our store hold manufacturer's warranty. There is a one year warranty for electrical parts and two year warranty for other parts purchased with a receipt and one year for products purchased with an invoice as a proof of purchase. The Customer delivers the goods at one's own expense. In the event of rejection of a claim, we sent appropriate documents with the manufacturer's statement. If the complaint is recognised, we sent the goods at our own expense or we refund the money to the account number provided.


According to the current regulations, the consumer has the right to choose a complaint procedure.
a. a. complaint due to the inconsistency of the goods with the agreement According to the Act on specific terms and conditions of consumer sale, Journal of Laws 02.141.1176
b. b. complaint within the warranty granted
For the goods holding a warranty card.

The condition to accept the goods is providing the proof of purchase by the Consumer. F.H. Moto-net may require to provide all possible information, which may be necessary to start the complaint procedure, and yet not included in the scope of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data.

The parts that are complaint about should meet the standard hygiene requirements (clean, as a complete set, in original packaging received with the item upon purchase).

If the parts complained about are sold or replaced as in pairs - in accordance with the applicable service regulations - or sold as sets, such as : shock absorbers, brake discs, brake drums, blocks, brake shoes, etc. it is required to deliver pairs or sets of the above mentioned products while lodging the complaint.

If the Customer claims any additional costs related to the failure of the part complaint about (vehicle repair, stoppage, hauling), then it is necessary to provide copies of evidence confirming that the costs were actually paid.
If the cost of bringing the car to its original state is substantial, then it is necessary to provide also an expert opinion issued on the spot, when the faulty part was disassembled. The cost of appointing the expert shall be included in the additional costs of the warranty.

F.H. Motonet is obliged, in accordance with the act, to respond to the claims of the consumer within 14 days of receipt of the complaint. In addition, the maximum time limit for resolving the complaint is set for 3 months, after which the complaint will be considered justified. In highly disputable cases the parties can individually agree on the extension of the deadline.

For issues not settled hereunder, the relevant provisions of the Act on specific terms and conditions of consumer sale apply, Journal of Laws 02.141.1176.

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